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100% Financing For Medical Professionals

Consider using this loan to:
· Acquire a business
· Buyout a partner
· Expand your business by adding space and/or equipment
· Fund the down payment on a real estate purchase
· Improve your cash flow by refinancing existing debt including revolving accounts.

Loan details you should know about:
·Term and amortization: 10 years (in some cases, 15-year is available) Longer amortizations available for large equipment as well.
· Loan sizes from $100k to $5 Million
· Conventional Financing - NO SBA GUARANTY FEES!!
· Interest rate: 7.50% - 8.50% APR  Fixed for 5 years
· Loan fee of 3% to cover all costs (excludes appraisal and title fees). This is financed into the loan amount and included in the aforementioned rate.
·NO PREPAYMENT PENALTY – pay this loan off at any time without additional fees/interest/penalties.
·The collateral for the loan is a first position lien on all business assets.(blanket UCC lien)
·Assignment of life insurance and disability or business overhead insurance for loans over $250,000.
·Personal guarantee of all owners. Borrowers must have at least one full year of experience as an associate or owner.
·Max documentation fee: $1,000 (this is covered with the 3%)
·Loan sizes vary and can be up to 100% of the purchase price in an acquisition as long as the practice is priced within market.  Refinances can be up to 85% of the average gross revenue of the practice for the last 3 years.
·We do not require your office lease to be co-terminus with the loan term.
·Processing time:  In and out in less than 30 days, barring delays due to appraisal or insurance
Our underwriters are professionally trained to keep the interest of the professional a priority. They are experienced in working with borrowers of all sizes. Thus, they can fund loans anywhere in the country! So please give us a call today to see what we can do for you.


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