REO's, Performing, Nonperforming Notes

JT Consulting specialize in commercial REOs, bank owned properties, and Non Performing/Performing Notes. These are off market properties being sold at a deep discount and we are direct to the banks. We will only deal with buyer directly, no brokers please. We specialize in Multifamily, Office Buildings, Retail, Shopping Centers, Failed Development/Condo Projects, Land, Marinas, Industrial, and Mixed Use properties. Some of our inventory consists of construction projects that are partially completed and failed condo conversions.
These properties are directly from the banks and are trading at a substantial discount that provide tremendous upside opportunity. Transactions are all cash purchases and typically have a 14 day due diligence period which is followed by a closing shortly thereafter.
Our group has over 60 years of combined commercial real estate experience and will work with you to determine which type of investment best suits your needs.
At JT Consulting we have direct contact with lenders (no daisy chains) and are able to get investors the information that they require in a timely fashion and get their offers accepted and deals closed. We will only deal with buyer directly, no brokers please. Proof of funds, a Bio and a Legitimate LOI will get the process started.
Please contact one of our representatives for more informatio

The Foreclosure Buying Process
  1. Execute the Mutual Non-Circumvention/Non-Disclosure/Non-Solicitation Agreement and complete the Investor’s Profile sheet.
  2. A member of The REO Commercial Group will contact you to discuss your personal investments goals and what properties we have that will suit each buyer’s specific needs.
  3. We will forward a list of properties that fits the investor’s criteria for review.
  4. Upon selecting a potential investment, we will prepare a Letter of Intent (LOI) to be submitted to the lender. Along with the LOI, each investor will be required to submit proof of funds (POF) and a Bio. Lenders will not consider any offers without these things. Typical terms for an offer are a 14 day due diligence period and a closing within a week afterward. Along with the LOI, the buyer will execute a commission agreement regarding the commission to be paid by the buyer to The REO Commercial Group.
  5. Once the price/terms have been agreed upon between buyer and seller, a formal contract will be drawn which will begin the due diligence period. At this point, the lender will provide all available due diligence materials such as leases, surveys, Phase I environmental reports, appraisals, etc. Please bear in mind that with many of these REOs, there is limited information available and it is the buyer’s responsibility to do it’s own due diligence on the acquisition.
  6. Title is conveyed to the buyer and escrow is closed.

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