Development & Construction

Development & Construction

JT Consulting is involved in arranging dozens of commercial mortgages at any given time. This gives us the distinct advantage of seeing things from the epicenter of a diverse group of transactions. As a result we are able to identify the synergies that might develop between our clients. We enjoy "connecting the dots" to add value by bringing together potential partners when a joint venture is requested. The circumstances vary widely, but often the JV involves bringing together a source of equity and expertise with a promising Developer who has an interesting transaction yet lacks sufficient liquidity or proven experience. If the JV requires additional expert advice, we can identify and introduce the right professionals to help complete the development team. Often, the whole turns out to be greater than the sum of the parts.

Construction Project Rescue Financing

JT Consulting is pleased to offer this very special Construction Project Rescue Financing Program, the CPR Program, in response to current economic conditions. The CPR Program is designed to help restart construction on projects of all types that are:
  • Stalled
  • In Default
  • In Foreclosure, or
  • In Bankruptcy.
The CPR Program keeps the current developer in the project. The program is offered through a Fund that lends money on projects that are currently facing difficulty, yet are profitable at some level in the current marketplace. The program retains the existing developer because it is not interested in managing its assets, only in getting them completed and sold.

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