Realtor Success Center

Mission Statement:

Help cultivate and maintain a consistent stream of referral business for our Recommended Realtors.

How We Will Accomplish This:

Bring real value to the table for our Recommended Real Estate Agents. We will help you promote your business, get you more exposure, and generate quality leads that we can share with you based on our marketing efforts and name recognition.

We are not just here to ask for your referral business and promise to return the favor some time. Our goal is to help you build your business and create a lasting relationship with you as one of our Preferred Partners.

Here Is What We Can Do for You:

·               First and foremost, we’re recognized here in the local community as an honest and ethical mortgage company. We’ve been in the business for years and focus a lot of our marketing efforts on driving homebuyers to our website.

·               Many of our clients come to our website in search of Real Estate Agents, Real Estate services, and homes for sale here in our local market and throughout the state.

·               We will provide you with a geographic “territory”, and feature you as our “Specialist” for that territory directly on our website. That way we can promote you to our sphere of influence – clients, family, friends, prospects, other referral partners, etc. This is an exclusive program, and the number of Realtors we will feature in each territory is limited. Keep in mind – even if you do qualify for our Realtor Success Marketing Program, availability is on a first-come, first-served basis.

·               Your territory will offer marketing space to include your picture or logo, full name, company name, a description of your business, an email address, and even a link to your website.

·               We will send out an email blast to more than 2,000 people in our database letting them know that we’ve just added you to our website as a Recommended Real Estate Professional.

·               The email blast will include a highlight segment to help promote any niche or special service, discounts, rebates, etc. you are able to offer to increase the response rate and exposure.

·               The NAR says that over 85% of homebuyers search the web for homes first. To better service our clients, we’ve added a “Real Estate Marketplace” to our website that allows us to promote homes for sale.

·               We will create, and dedicate an entire page of our website to each one of your listings. We will promote your listings as “Featured Properties” and add them to our Real Estate Marketplace.

·               We can feature up to 10 photos of each listing, the description and general location, a list of upgrades, amenities and a set of tools built-in to help capture information from any and all serious prospects.

·               Our built-in tools allow consumers to print full-color flyers, email listings to friends, schedule showings, request more photos, prequalify for homes, and even ask questions specifically about each featured listing.

·               For every new listing we add to our website, we will send out a “Just Listed” email blast to instantly notify more than 2,000 people in our database of your newly available property.

·               Each “Just Listed” Email Blast we send out will provide a direct link from the email to the corresponding listing on the website.

·               We’ll also include you in our monthly e-Newsletter. That means we will continue to market both you AND your listings to our database every single month, until they sell!

·               We have spent a lot of money on Search Engine Optimization for our website. We’ve got terrific results for a number of relevant searches on Google, here in the local area.

·               Our website is at the top of Google, and through our Realtor Success Program, you and your listings could be there too. This is an incredibly powerful selling tool for you to use when speaking with potential sellers during listing presentations! It’s another 3-5 minutes you can spend showing your sellers that you’re doing MUCH MORE than the average Realtor to ensure they get the exposure they need to sell quickly and for top dollar (especially with 85% of homebuyers looking online first).

·               Just tell your home sellers about ALL the aforementioned strategies we have in place for them… PLUS, that your preferred mortgage company, will put their home up at the top of Google as a part of your marketing plan!

·               And last, but definitely not least, we will begin promoting your listing heavily on a number of different marketing and classified ad websites, including our favorite,

·      receives over 30 million visitors EVERY MONTH, and is in the top 5 websites in the country for people searching homes for sale. We have a number of very successful strategies to help increase your exposure and lead generation through these types of websites.

We have had tremendous success in helping our Preferred Realtors sell homes by connecting them up with homebuyers that we find for them through our different marketing efforts.

Everything listed above is included in our FREE Realtor Success Marketing Package.

Here’s all we need from you to make it happen…

      Full Name and Title

      Your Picture or Logo

      Your Company Name

      Your Email Address

      Your Website Address

      Referral to New Homebuyers That You’re Working with

      Introduction to ALL Home Sellers That We Are Co-Marketing

      Placement as a Preferred Mortgage Provider on Your Website

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